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Tales to Terrify 170 Fowler Horn

Tales to Terrify Fowler Horn Coming Up: Good evening: 00:38 Christopher Fowler’s Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside: 04:35 Stewart Horn’s Filmland: 30:50 Pleasant Dreams: 50:15 Pertinent Links: It Follows: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3235888/ What We Do In the Shadows: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3416742/ Christopher Fowler: http://www.christopherfowler.co.uk/ JK Shepler: http://downthemoviehole.blogspot.com/

Tales to Terrify 169 Collings Hayward

Coming Up: Good Evening: 00:00:38 Philip Oldham’s Interview with Michaelbrent Collings: 01:02:57 Matt Hayward’s In the Woods We Wait: 00:40:02 Pleasant Dreams: 01:02:56 Pertinent Links: Michaelbrent Collings: http://michaelbrentcollings.com Matt Hayward: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matt\_Hayward Rock Manor: https://twitter.com/TheRockManor

Tales To Terrify 168 Dunham Brazill Hemphill

Coming Up: Good Evening: 00:37 T. Fox Dunham’s The Missing Ingredient: 02:22 Paul D Brazill’s The Tut: 11:56 JC Hemphill’s Cheating the Shroud: 19:38 Pleasant Dreams: 33:06 Pertinent Links: T. Fox Dunham: http://tfoxdunham.com Veronica Giguere: http://www.dawningsky.com Paul D Brazill: http://pauldbrazill.com JC Hemphill: http://jchemphill.blogspot.com Stephen Kilpatrick: http://stevenski.com

Tales to Terrify 167 Rosamilia

Coming Up: Good Evening: 00:39 Armand Rosamilia’s Rear Guard: 02:03 Pleasant Dreams: 35:46 Pertinent Links: Armand Rosamilia: http://armandrosamilia.com Josie Babin: spingus@gmail.com

Tales to Terrify 166 Nichols Baru

Coming Up: Good evening: 00:38 Jonathan Nichols’ Jack of the Lantern: 04:04 Brian Boru’s Blasted Tower: 24:06 Pleasant Dreams: 48:06 Pertinent Links: Jonathan Nichols: http://jonathandnichols.com Josie Babin: spingus@gmail.com Antoinette Bergin: https://twitter.com/Nettie_Bergin

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