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Tales to Terrify Show No 121 Stoker 2 Mannetti, Bailey

Coming up: Good evening 0:00:41 “Horror 101: The Way Forward” 0:01:15 Far-Fetched Fables 0:04:17 Fiction: “The Hunger Artist” by Lisa Mannetti, narrated by Antoinette Bergin 0:07:16 Fiction: “Primal Tongue” by Michael Bailey, narrated by Drake Vaughn 0:39:30 Pleasant dreams 1:25:08 Show No. 121, Pertinent URLs: “Horror 101: The Way Forward” on Amazon Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/Horror-101-The-Way-Forward-ebook/dp/B00JZJQUYW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1398778235&sr=8-1&keywords=horror+101+the+way+forward Far […]

Tales to Terrify Show No 120 Bram Stoker Award Show No 1

Coming up: Good evening 0:00:41 Far Fetched Fables 0:01:16 A new book about the craft of horror, “Horror 101: The Way Forward” 0:02:23 Some words about gauging horror 0:04:34 Fiction: “Snapshot” by Patrick Freivald, narrated by Steven Thomas Howell 0:09:09 Fiction: “Code 666” by Michael Reaves, narrated by Stephen Kilpatrick 0:24:10 Mea Culpa 1:07:51 Pleasant […]

Tales to Terrify Show No 119 Ahern and Wright

Coming up: Good evening 0:00:41 Fiction: “Here Kitty” by Edward Ahern 0:02:29 Fiction: “The Song that Tarabeth Loved” by Jeff Clayton Wright, narrated by Sylvia Shults 0:18:29 A brief look at a cemetery in the evening in Germantown 1:02:34 Pleasant dreams 1:03:51 Pertinent URLs for Show 119 Edward Ahern: http://www.bewilderingstories.com/bios/ahern_bio.html No Sleep Podcast: http://www.thenosleeppodcast.com Jeff […]

Tales to Terrify Show No 118 Arthur Davis

Coming up: Good evening 0:00:40 Some words about the District of Wonders 0:01:10 A few words about genre fiction 0:03:20 Fiction: “A Sly and Knowing Grin” by Arthur Davis, narrated by Josie Babin 0:08:06 Pleasant dreams 0:59:13 Pertinent URLs for tonight’s show: Some background on genre fiction in the 20th Century: http://www.pulpmags.org/history_page.html Arthur Davis: http://talesofourtime.com […]

Tales to Terrify Show No 117 Doolin and Nash

Coming up: Good evening 0:00:41 Soon We Will Be Five 0:01:19 Art for April, “Screamer” by Mia Mäkilä 0:03:32 Poetry: “The Wendigo” by Ogden Nash 0:06:35 Fiction: “The Reunion” by Nikolle Doolin, narrated by the author 0:08:56 Pleasant dreams 0:57:42 Pertinent URLs for Show No. 117 Mia Mäkilä: http://miamakila.com Mia on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mia-Makila/302290730669 Ogden Nash: […]

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