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Tales to Terrify 197 Odle Lights Out

Coming Up Good evening: 00:00:40 David Odle’s Loop as read by JK Shepler: 00:04:06 Lights Out with Sylvia Shults, Hunting Demons: 00:35:42 Pleasant Dreams: 01:15:02 Pertinent Links Biltmore Estate Tours: http://www.biltmore.com/visit/things-to-do/tours JK Shepler’s Down the Movie Hole: http://downthemoviehole.blogspot.com Sylvia Shults: http://www.sylviashults.com/sylvia/

Tales to Terrify 196 Rigney

Coming Up Good Evening: 00:39 Mark Rigney’s The Demon Laplace as read by Logan Waterman: 04:34 Pleasant Dreams: 45:44 Pertinent Links The Kingston Trio’s Tom Dooley: https://youtu.be/sZYjc57V55U The full story of Tom Dooley: http://northcarolinaghosts.com/mountains/legend-tom-dooley-scary-truth.php Mark Rigney: http://www.markrigney.net/ (Host’s note: Waterman pronounces Laplace “lap-lace” while the host pronounces it “la-place”, author notes did not settle which […]

Tales to Terrify 195 Rex Reverman Watt

Coming Up Good Evening: 00:38 Joshua Rex’s The Black Skeleton as read by Steven Thomas Howell: 04:19 Benjamin Reverman’s Interrupted Dinner as read by Wilson Fowlie: 16:54 D. P. Watt’s The Comrade as read by Colin Clews: 23:48 Pleasant Dreams: 42:27

Tales to Terrify 194 Phillips Roberts

Coming Up Good evening: 00:39 Gary B Phillips’s A House Divided as read by Nikolle Doolin: 02:31 Phillip Roberts’s Of the Past as read by Bob Neufeld: 21:46 Pleasant Dreams: 43:47 Pertinent Links Brown Mountain Lights, Mysterious Orbs In NC, Are Decades-old Mystery: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/02/26/brown-mountain-lights-nc_n_1302204.html Nikolle Doolin: http://nikolledoolin.com/pblog/ Phillip Roberts: http://www.philipmroberts.com Bob Nuefeld: https://librivox.org/reader/3912

Tales to Terrify 193 Hemphill

Coming Up Good evening: 00:38 JC Hemphill’s Colorful Caps as read by Maurine McLean: 03:33 Pleasant Dreams: 44:31 Pertinent Links Martha Washington Inn: http://www.marthawashingtoninn.com/index.htm JC Hemphill: http://jchemphill.blogspot.com

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