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Tales to Terrify No 101 Lights Out, William Hope Hodgson

Coming up: Good evening  0:00:40 Get better, Cher  0:01:13 “Songs from the Former County” Kickstarter  0:02:15 “Lights Out,” with Sylvia Shults  0:05:40 Fiction:  “A Tropical Horror,” by William Hope Hodgson, narrated by Matt Cowens  0:38:58 Pleasant dreams:  1:07:40 This Week’s Pertinent URLs: Cher Eaves: https://www.facebook.com/ch.eaves.5?fref=ts&ref=br_tf “Songs from the Former County” Kickstarter:  http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/788517288/songs-from-the-former-county Sylvia Shults: http://www.sylviashults.com/sylvia/ William Hope Hodgson: http://williamhopehodgson.wordpress.com/a-short-biography-of-william-hope-hodgson/ […]

Tales to Terrify No 100 Joe Mckinney and Thomas Hardy

Coming up: Good evening  0:00:40 The Christmas Room and the Mummers  0:01:18 Poem, “The Oxen” by Thomas Hardy  0:05:27 A few words about Joel Lane  0:06:52 Fiction, “Resurrecting Mindy” by Joe McKinney, narrated by Stephen Kilpatrick  0:09:59 Pleasant dreams  0:45:28  Pertinent URLs for Show 100: The Mummers Parade: http://www.phillymummers.com Thomas Hardy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Hardy EmmaAudsley’s tribute to Joel Lane: […]

Tales To Terrify No 99 Abattoir, Cabeen, Ahern

Coming up: Good evening  0:00:40 Mea culpa  0:01:13 A Tour of the Abattoir with Mike Allen  0:03:02 Poetry: “Whitestone Grove Hotel” by Robert Payne Cabeen, narrated by Robert Neufeld  0:17:05 Fiction: “Lorscapedia” by Edward Ahern, narrated by Wilson Fowlie  0:25:34 Pleasant dreams  0:54:11 Pertinent URLs for Show 99: “Things Slip Through,” by Kevin Lucia: http://www.amazon.com/Things-Slip-Through-Kevin-Lucia/dp/0992170702/ref=tmm_pap_title_0 Mike […]

Tales to Terrify No 98 Lakin-Smith, Horror 101, O’neal

Coming up: Good evening  0:00:40 What to do for our hundredth?  To begin our third year?  0:01:20 More of art and the weather  0:02:03 Horror 101 with Kevin Lucia (author of “Things Fall Through” from Crystal Lake Publishing)  0:04:31 Poetry, “Scream Day,” by William Markly O’Neal, narrated by Diane Severson Mori  0:34:39 Fiction, “Deluge,” by […]

Tales to Terrify No 97 Joe McKinney

Coming Up: Good evening  0:00:40 Art: ”Tornado 17” by Elsa Muñoz  0:02:00 Fiction:  “A Little Crimson Stain,” by Joe McKinney, narrated by Steven Thomas Howell  0:05:38 A quick note about Kevin Lucia’s “Thing’s Slip Through”  0:42:42 Fiction:  “The Gunner’s Love Song,” by Joe McKinney, narrated by Steven Thomas Howell  0:44:01 Pleasant dreams  1:11:49  Pertinent URLs […]

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