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Tales to Terrify 180 Baxter Blackford

July 3, 2015 by Stephen Kilpatrick

Tales to Terrify 180 Baxter Blackford

Coming Up:
Good evening / We need money: 00:38
Troy Blackford’s Ghost in the Machine as read by Jay Wohlert: 09:13
Alan Baxter’s Punishment of the Sun as ready by Ashley Storrie: 32:55
Pleasant Dreams: 51:26

Pertinent Links:
Troy Blackford: http://www.troyblackford.com
Jay Wohlert: http://jaywohlert.blogspot.com/
Alan Baxter: http://www.alanbaxteronline.com/
Ashley Storrie’s podcast: http://janeygodley.com/podcasts.html


  1. HEY! I *just* found this site and I’m binge listening PLEASE DON’T TURN OFF THE LIGHTS!

    I just donated what I could because the Scottish man made me feel terrible! But in all fairness this is only my second day on the site.

    Have you ever thought about doing this as a more “freemium” model–e.g., maybe one story or part of a story for free–or something–and then the rest, you have to subscribe? Or maybe.. you have to subscribe to get archives before a certain date? Or–you get a bonus story every month if you subscribe?

    I ask because I *actually pay for* a couple podcasts and programs (Mysterious Universe is the one I’m thinking of here) because they offer valuable bonus content to subscribers… Once I’m signed up, you know, I barely think about the 10 dollars a month or whatever it is, ’cause I listen to the damn thing twice a week or more.

    For some reason, though I just donated TWO months worth of MU dues, I feel *less* comfortable donating than just subscribing–is that weird/just me? I mean, I donate to a lot of causes on the regular–from doing my taxes I know it’s in the neighborhood of a thousand dollars a year or more, and I am NOT RICH–far from it. Still, those are *charities*–you know? It’s a different ask. I’m not saying what you’re doing here isn’t worthwhile or worth money, I think it is. It’s just… is it that it’s not tax deductible? I’m serious, and not being snarky, just trying to get at why I’m less likely to “donate” to a podcast or site I like and more likely to SUBSCRIBE.

    Anyway, those are my thoughts, and I will try and donate on the regular, because I am looking forward to diving into your archives. I hope others will do the same.

    • We’re considering all different manners of financing the show. Advertisers is the easiest way to go, getting a few sponsors and shilling for them is the easiest, but we are resoundingly opposed to that. I’m not saying that’ll never happen, but currently, no. The freemium route also has had some conversation with using something like Patreon. However at the end of the day the cost of running things really should be high enough that if only a fraction of listeners commit to small monthly contributions, we’d never have to bug people for money ever, but here we are. The community response so far has been great, and we will hear from Tony over the next couple of weeks to see how things are.

  2. This is my new favorite podcast. It just feels so familiar and frightening at the same time.

    I love listening to the this while I code or just try to relax. I’ll try to donate as soon as the pay comes in.

    Thanks to everyone involved for sharing your time and talent!

  3. “Voice in the Machine” does a good job of creating the old man’s voice: relaxed, a bit cheesy, and quietly sinister.

  4. Made my donation today and will take a look at the Patreon page. You should consider setting up a way to subscribe through PayPal as well (devil advocate, I know) but since donations already go by that method it might help streamline the process.

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