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Tales To Terrify No 25 Kim Newman

June 29, 2012 by Tony C. Smith

Coming Up

Fact: Tour of the Abattoir by Mike Allen 0:04:30

Poetry: The Conqueror Worm by Edgar Allan Poe 0:16:08

Fiction: Illimitable Dominion by Kim Newman

Narrator: Nathan Lowell 0:20:13

Goodnight and Pleasant Dreams 1:08:03


  1. This was such a fun — and difficult — story to do.

    I think I actually recorded it in its entirety three or four times before Walter Paisley made himself known.

  2. Mr Lowell, your narration was awesome (and I don’t use that word lightly). Truly a wonderous combination of hardboil, deadpan, scheming, cynicism, and… and… Well, it worked!

    The story was, to my mind, a mind-twisting surreal mash-up of various genres and styles, and truly projected a Cormanian atmosphere. Not to take oneself too seriously does not mean slapstick, and this was a deliciously balanced work.

  3. We all agree, Pirvonen. Great work as always, Nathan. Now, when’s the next Tanyth Fairport adventure coming out?

  4. Aloha Terror Tribe!
    Fact: Tour of the Abattoir by Mike Allen – oh that deep voice, tolling on like a dark, gothic church bell: Poe… Poe… POE!
    Poe created icons of nightmare.
    Hey! Yes! Wasn’t Poe the “gateway drug”… er, I mean “gateway horror” for all of us?

    While, my teacher would take away my issue of “Where Monsters Dwell” comics, it was replaced with a nice big copy of “Tales of Mystery and Imagination” by POE – this was classic, safe, up-standing, important, American literature, BUT… it really was scary, weird, freaky, frightening stories that’d also keep you up late into the night, fearfully watching your closet door from under the covers.

    Poe spread out shadowed landscapes of fear traveled by winged messengers of death – DEATH in endlessly creative ways… buried alive, chopped by huge swinging blades, being hypnotized and transformed beyond death and corrupted into a horrible living corpse… many dangerous, insane, lunatics – and ghostly ghastly specters- all that scared the bee-jee-zus out of little kids – and all under the parent approved guise of great American Fiction.

    Thank you Mr. Poe.