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Tales to Terrify No 34 Anna Taborska

August 31, 2012 by Tony C. Smith
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Coming Up:

Good Evening: 0:41:00

Fact: Mundt Speaks, Not a Regular Movie Review of “The Raven” 0:02:30

Fact: A Tour of the Abattoir by Mike Allen 0:31:54

Main Fiction: Schroedinger’s Human by Anna Taborska 0:52:40

Pleasant Dreams: 1:27:18

Narrator: Gareth Stack


  1. 3:21pm – Am I wrong or is there no download link for this episode?

  2. You’re not wrong, Shawn.

    Don’t know what’s wrong. I’ll put in a call.


  3. A strong show in all components. For a moment I worried that Mr Mundt might blow a gasket or something. Not quite in the league of the “glorp” review, but hugely entertaining anyway. A mind that can spin a full script from “The Devil in the Belfry” is a fearsome thing.

    Mr Allen’s Tour was close to perfection, too. I felt educated and entertained, and was left wanting more.

    And then Ms Taborska’s story. Oh wow. While the characters may have been a little sketchy, that didn’t diminish the strength and impact of the storytelling at all. The feline most certainly was utterly believable.

    My apologies to the ink-black cat of the Nook. Earlier, I had always thought the name was “Moller”, “Muller”, or something like that. Only your explanation now twigged me on to the “Mahler” thing.

  4. Hi and thanks to Pirvonen for the nice comments. Thanks also to everybody else who might have listened to the episode. Also, I enjoyed listening myself to Mr. Allen’s section. I’ll look for Mr. Drake’s and Mr. Barron’s books. (Assuming I have the spelling correct on those names.) And I liked Ms. Taborska’s story. Cats — can’t trust ’em. Little basta— Ouch, just got this pain in my head.

  5. For the most part, I enjoyed this episode. I tend to listen to TtT during my daily walk, and I wll admit that martin’s review of “The Raven” had me laughing out loud even on some of the tougher hills. Harlan Ellison would be proud of your suggestion of how to encourage a writer to continue writing, Mr. Mundt. Now I have to look up “The Devil In The Belfry”, too.

    As always, Mike’s Tour hit the spot and is quickly becoming one of my favorite parts of the show.

    The story…eh, left me a little cold. An interesting premise, but the writing didn’t support the tale, and the characters were a bit too one-dimensional. My favorite part was the death of the teenage neigbor, and the insistent throbbing. Nice description.

    Downloading #35 now for tomorrow’s walk, and listening forward to it.

  6. Aloha Tiki Tribe!
    Movie Review: The Raven “… like watching a taser-ed pig twitch on the dance floor at a wedding reception for an hour and a half”? Wow… that’s awesome! Mister Mundt, I think I love you.

    But, of course, like in a macho, manly, Poe kinda’ way.

  7. Yes! Finally something about Our.

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