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Tales to Terrify No 37 H.P. Lovecraft, Conrad Williams

September 21, 2012 by Tony C. Smith

Coming up:

Good evening: 0:00:40

Fiction: The Hound, by H.P. Lovecraft 0:06:03

Fiction: Once Seen by Conrad Williams 0:36:03

Pleasant dreams… 01:16:30

Narrators: Lawrence Santoro, Gareth Stack


  1. Aloha Terror Tribe, & Mister Santoro!
    I’m chilled and thrilled and oh so dreadfully delighted to hear this Terror Tale by H. P. Lovecraft – one of my very favorites lovecraft tales of all time – The HOUND! Lovecraft’s strange and unique creation of a were-wolf, and a vampire, and a flock of giant bats, an ancient dead wizard, and who all knows what cosmic horror all mixed together in a fantastic creature never seen before, or since! Excellent!! Plus, all so well read by Mister Santoro- What a treat! I quake with thanks!!!

  2. Aloha Terror Tribe, & Mister Santoro!
    OK. I have listened, and re-listened several more times to this episode. That was amazing! I am now very much in the mood for …MORE. Perhaps you could read the Poppy Z Bright story you mentioned? Sounds great – I really love Poppy’s unique story telling. And/or, perhaps we could explore the OTHER H. P. Lovecraft tale that had a classic creature in it… a vampire / werewolf-like creature that is… it’s a classic creature with a very strange Lovecraftian twist on it. Maybe? Yes? I respectfully request Mister Santoro read Lovecraft’s “The Shunned House”? Pleeeease?
    What do ya’ say?

    • Klaatu barada Nikto!I’m also a big fan of the Evil Dead moevis, and did some research of my own into the who Necrinomicon mythology. Anything with possible roots in Lovecraft is good in my book.

  3. Once Seen was a disquieting story. Not for the gore component, but for the unease sitting barely below the surface. Although I must say the Kingian dictum of “don’t explain everything” can be taken too far sometimes. Still, I liked this and have listened it a few times over already.

  4. I have a quick question.
    I’ve heard several of your readers/presenters use the term “Plummy” now and would like to get the proper translation. What exactly is the idiom behind that word? I feel as if something else is meant aside from the standard “Desirable, mellow and rich”.

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