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Tales To Terrify No 5 Kim Newman

February 10, 2012 by Tony C. Smith

Short Fiction: Unwoven by Tim Waggoner

Poetry: by 12:00 The Little One by Maria Alexander 12:00

Main Fiction: Is There Anybody There by Kim Newman 15:00

Narrators: Kim Lakin-Smith, Diane Severson


  1. Very happy to hear Kim Newman on the podcast as NIGHTMARE MOVIES remains one of the formative books in my lifelong appreciation of horror films.

  2. Just gotta point this out… if it’s an African story, then Anansi isn’t AFRICAN-AMERICAN. He’s just African. Sometimes being PC makes you over think terminology.

  3. Aloha Terror Tribe!
    I love the African Spider God; Anansi! Cool mythology! Tyler, I understand your concern about being PC or not PC, that is the question. Maybe, if the terms “African-American” or “African” make you uneasy, or seem too formal, maybe we should just be more relaxed and say “black guy”. Is that bad? ” He looked like a black guy.” Too relaxed? Ok… you could refer to a black guy who every one knows and say the character looks like him. “He looked like Morgan Freeman.” Too old? How about “He looked like Snoop Dogg?” Hmmm, then you might think he is smokin’ up or something. This sort of changes the meaning of the story, I guess. Ok. forget it. Sorry, Tim Waggoner, I’m not helping you am I? It’s a very clever story about a mythic character we don’t get to hear enough about, and it’s fine just the way it is. Forget I said anything. See, it’s only that I’m in a long term, “inter-racial” relationship with a guy born in Kenya, and sometimes these “PC” things seem funny to me, and I admit, I have a strange sense of humor. Ok, that’s maybe too much information about me than you wanted to know, right? Sorry! Sorry!

    The Little One: NICE! – Children have no choice… too cool. When I was nine years old I had a rash of nightmares. Every night. They got worse and worse. Until one terrible night they kept going on AFTER I woke up! Hallucinations! Really freaky stuff! Then, they just stopped. Weird! The real down side to this episode was that my mother threw out all my “Aurora Monster Scenes” models. I really loved those creepy little models! Frankenstein. The Victim. Vampirella. Doctor Deadly. The Hanging Cage. The Pain Parlor with it’s glow in the dark skeleton. Gruesome Goodies with the saber toothed rabbit! The tag line was “Rated X … for Excitement!” Boy, I loved those models! But… well, my nightmares did stop after my mom threw them all away. Sheesh, I’d hate to think that all the hub-bub against Aurora was true, and the Monster Scenes were, like, corrupting my little nine year old brain or something! Well, Whatevers.
    Anyways, I enjoyed & related to this terror tale. (Chills!)

    Is There Anybody There – What a brilliant concept! Loved it! How it twisted round on the computer hack.. very fun! Almost wanted more story… a whole book of their adventures as she solves criminal cases, or stops murders, or buys stocks in things that will be important. I thought she’d start a bank account, and write in her “Will” that the great fortune she builds will end up going to Mastermind… thus paying him handsomely for his work. A cyber thief and murderer. We knew he had destroyed people’s lives just for the sheer fun. But, now, he was trapped by the spiritualist. Oh, very clever.
    Loved it!

    Great show.

  4. Larry,
    I can 100% say that your want and your talents at invoking of the warm wrapped radio serials of old is exactly why I continue to listen. Thank you.

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