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Tales To Terrify No 53 Harry Shannon

January 11, 2013 by Tony C. Smith

Coming Up:

Good Evening 0:00:41

Horror 101 0:04:28

Fiction “Violent Delights” by Harry Shannon 0:31:37

What do you think? 1:02:13

Pleasant Dreams 1:04:47

Narrator: Joe Sammarco

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  1. I must admit, as an aside, my unfortunate panning of the contributions to the genre of Wilkie Collins and Elizabeth Gaskell, inky examination of The Haunted House Story. Not sure how I managed that. My only purse of recompense, need, will be toad both authors to my list….

  2. “In my” Blasted auto-correct….

  3. AND it’s very apparent I shouldn’t type much with my iPad….

  4. ….and your going to “toad” both authors to your list, eh?

  5. *grumble* Stupid small keypad….;)

  6. hehehe..

    I enjoyed this Horror 101 more than the others, perhaps because I recognized the stories more as “horror”.

    “Violent Delights” didn’t do much for me. While the writing felt solid, the premise didn’t hold much interest.

  7. Thanks, Sandra. As we move further away from its Gothic origins, you’ll find it assuming more recognizable ‘horror’ trappings – for instance, in our next show, we’ll feature “The House on The Borderlands”, “Uncle Silas” by Le Fenu, several Lovecraft shorts, and a M. R. James short. Thanks for listening!

  8. Sandra, would you believe: In searching the internet for photos I could use to illustrate the story on the Facebook page, I encountered three or four actual news stories of people who did exactly what the woman in “Violent Delights” does to our poor sot of a writer. One tale, a woman hit a man, drove at least two miles with him on the hood and through the windshield, then parked in her garage, had sex with her boyfriend while waiting for the guy to die, then the boyfriend and a buddy tried to bury the victim. They were caught and all are doing hard time. Just so you know.

  9. Aloha Terror Tribe!
    Oh yeah! “Violent Delights” by Harry Shannon That was really a great “old school” terror tale! I felt like I was reading a “Tales from the Crypt” pre-code comic book! However, an extra chill was, I think I know where that liquor store is on Sherman Way…

  10. This might be too little, too late, but in the vein of occult detectives, there is also Thomas Carnacki, written by William Hope Hodgson. I’m not sure of the time these stories were published, so maybe that is outside of the scope of the 19th century Gothic.

  11. Marvelous article, thanks a lot !!