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Tales to Terrify No 84 H.P. Lovecraft AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS Part 3

August 16, 2013 by Tony C. Smith

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Good evening  0:00:40

Previously on…  0:01:29

Fiction:  “At the Mountains of Madness” Part 3 (concluded) by H.P. Lovecraft, Narrated by Bob Neufeld 0:12:18

A few words…  1:52:34

Pleasant dreams  1:54:52

Ralph  Vaughn-Williams, Symphony No. 7, “Sinfonia Antartica


  1. Of course that’s meant to be Ralph Vaughan Williams and not “Vaughn Williams.”

  2. Bob Neufeld’s professorial voice really caught on with me, though at first I thought it was a bit thin. It was a fine story, and although I saved them up to listen to them in one sitting, I did download the text you linked on the site, and eventually bought a more readable copy. The summary at the start of the second and third parts by Larry was well done and just enough to put a person right back in the story. This was my first Lovecraft story, and I am a fan now. I understand that he was regarded as very racist in his personal life, which disappoints me greatly. I suppose that is consistent with someone who fears the strange and different life forms. Though it was nice to have him shift that fear to a recognition of the more likely danger by the simian and more familiar entities.

    I hope you will not hesitate to try other longer multi episode stories.

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