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Tales To Terrify No 88 William Markly O’Neal

September 13, 2013 by Tony C. Smith

Coming up:

Good evening 0:00:41

September art by Alejandro Dini 0:01:22

Poem, “Dr. Volmer” by Robert Payne Cabeen, narrated by Robert Neufeld 0:04:11

Fiction: “www.$ellYerSoul2Satan.hel” by William Markly O’Neal, narrated by James Phillips and Veronica Giguere 0:27:58

A question for you all: 1:10:00

Pleasant dreams: 1: 11:14


  1. No. of course it’s not satin to which you sell your soul. It’s Satan. Jeeze.

  2. The poem was absolutely terrific! I’m sorry you don’t have a link directly to the text of that poem.

    The O’Neal story is also quite good. I think more time could be spent demonstrating that exercising control of the sort displayed will not bring happiness with the object of one’s love.