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Well there you are.

I am so accustomed to welcoming you in person to the Nook, offering drink, nibbles, and each week’s tale to terrify, that I’m not sure how to behave like a co-editor who’s also trying to convince you to click the BUY button over there, so…

Welcome, Children of the Night. Welcome to the book, welcome to “Tales to Terrify, Volume 1.”

Thank you for looking and thank you even more for buying. You will buy, won’t you? ‘Course you will. Your purchase will help us continue our mission—to voice the best contemporary, modern and classic horror, dark fantasy, creepy tales, and shivery slivers available in HTTP-Land. On top of that, thank you for listening. I assume you are a listener. If you’re not—and after you’ve bought “Tales to Terrify, Volume 1″—get thee to and amend your ways.

It’s all there, day one to the present.

If you are a listener, please know that you may have heard some of the stories in this book. But! This is not a “Best Of…” effort. “Volume 1,” as we call it here in the District of Wonders, represents stories our authors and the book’s editors—Harry Markov, Tony C. Smith, and yours in truth-and-terror—wanted to see between covers.

Some of the tales are by people you know well. Just take a peek at that cover. Joe R. Lansdale, Gene Wolfe, Christopher Fowler, Gary McMahon… AND some are by people you’ve probably heard of only on the show.

That’s the point.

That was my point, anyway. When our producer Tony C. Smith asked me to host Tales to Terrify, my exact word was, “No.”

The “yes” part of that response came about when I had a moment to think and, finally, convince myself that this barely ten year-old medium of podcasting was an ideal way to bring writers such as Martin Mundt, Alex Collier, Mike Penkas and others to the attention of a wider world. Fact is, we kicked off the show not with one of Joe’s, Gene’s or Chris’s stories but with Martin Mundt’s “Chair” a never-before published story by a writer few people outside of Chicago had ever read.

So here we are, not quite a year into our Friday night gatherings in the Nook and you are about to click that friendly button and get our first ink-on-paper production. Dig in. Read. Enjoy.

Then come back to the nook, relax, grab something warm to drink, snuggle with a loved one and listen. Pleasant dreams, hm.

—Lawrence Santoro, October, 2012

Over Twenty Terrifying Tales

Jumbo Portions by Christopher Fowler
Wet Dog Perfume by Michael Penkas
Seen Through Flame by Gary McMahon
Just Around the Corner by Alexei Collier
In A Country Churchyard by Bev Vincent
God of the Razor by Joe R. Lansdale
Bread and Circuses by Felicity Dowker
Chair by Martin Mundt
Grandmother’s Road Trip by Cat Rambo
In The Dust by Tim Lebbon
The Last Few Days in a Life of Frost by Joe Pulver
Green Apples, Red Nails by John Everson
Just a Suggestion by John Shirley
Working for the God of the Love of Money by Kaaron Warren
Rat Time in the Hall of Pain by Lawrence Santoro
The Short Go: A Future in Eight Seconds by Lisa L. Hannett
The Goosle by Margo Lanagan
Lost and Found by Mark Morris
An Eye for an Eye by Nancy Kilpatrick
All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Piggy Class by Nicole Cushing
Big Rock Candy Mountain by Weston Ochse
Bluebeard by Angela Slatter
The Tree is My Hat by Gene Wolfe