Show No 66 Martin Mundt John Everson

April 12, 2013 by Drew S

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Good evening 0:00:41

Apologies to baseball (but not the fans) 0:01:18

Cover Art by Vince Natale 0:07:13

Not a Regular Review by Martin Mundt, “The Avengers” 0:09:37

Fiction, “Blood Roses” by John Everson, narrated by Ruth Stearns 0:38:00

A reminder and pleasant dreams 1


  1. The pairing was brilliant. First I laughed my ass off all throughout Marty’s review, then I felt physically ill and lost all hope for humanity.

    After the show, all I wanted to do was pet a kitten.

    Great episode and congrats on getting the Parsec nomination.

  2. First and foremost, love this month’s painting!

    On to the episode.

    Martin never fails to satisfy. I now have a new podcasting requirement. I no longer listen to Martin Mundt while driving. “Laughing too hard to see oncoming traffic.” is not a viable excuse when making a statement to the police. More Not A Regular Review!

    “Blood Roses” was delightfully chilling. I was a touch surprised by the ending, an added bonus. Ms. Stearns narration fit the story well with just enough heat under the innocence. My one complaint is not having realized Mel’s “deformity” earlier in the story, but that is a small complaint. What the tale lacked in detail about the medical condition or the family’s reactions, it made up for in mood and sensory detail. Kudos, Mr. Everson.

  3. I’m only part-way through the podcast, but
    a) Mundt was excellent;
    b) Gorgeous image.

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