Drew Sebesteny

Writer and designer, editor and inventor, brewer and narrator, Drew’s been called a lot of things in his career – some nicer than others. By day he spins stories with words and pictures as an advertising copywriter and creative director. But by the light of the moon, he can be found weaving tales for sound and screen, and alchemizing bubbly brews with hops and barley.

He lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada with his son and a menagerie of small creatures. Discover more about Drew at

Seth Williams

Seth Williams is of course a human with a normal human job and, being totally human, of course has a spouse and pets. When not doing completely normal human things she… he, human gender pronouns are so confusing, can be heard as a regular narrator for Far Fetched Fables. He can also be found as both a narrator and Associate Editor at Tales to Terrify. All communications can be directed to

Pete Morsellino

Associate Editor

Pete Morsellino is an aspiring writer, editor, and crafter. Based in sunny Upstate NY, Pete spends his days making things from words and wood.


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