Tales to Terrify 190 Solomon Arnold

September 11, 2015 by Drew S

Coming Up
Good evening: 00:40
H. F. Arnold’s The Night Wire as read by Geoffrey Welchman: 04:44
Ben Solomon’s Damfino Plays Host as read by Stephen Kilpatrick: 21:48
Pleasant Dreams: 43:59

Pertinent Links
Moundsville State Penitentiary: http://www.wvpentours.com
Geoffrey Welchman: http://www.geoffreywelchman.com/
Stephen Kilpatrick: http://stevenski.com


  1. Geoffrey Welchman did a fine job with “The Night Wire”. Good use of sound f/x.

  2. I remember hearing The Night Wire for the first time on Pseudopod, and being held rapt by its setting and premise. The story strays a little beyond horror for my liking, but I still very much enjoy the set up, even the second time around.

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