Tales to Terrify 354 Chris Panatier KC Grifant

November 9, 2018 by Drew S

Coming Up
Good Evening: 00:00:42
Chris Panatier’s Bipinnaria (Tales to Terrify original) as read by Martin Reyto: 00:04:18
KC Grifant’s The Peerlings (“Beyond the Infinite – Tales from the Outer Reaches” anthology, 2018.) as read by Amy Paonessa: 00:21:21
Pleasant Dreams: 00:59:35

Pertinent Links
The District of Wonders Network Patreon: www.patreon.com/districtofwonders
Mansions of Madness Second Edition: www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/mansions-of-madness-second-edition
Dead of Winter: www.plaidhatgames.com/games/dead-of-winter
Zombicide Season 1: zombicide.com/en/zombicide-season-1
Martin Reyto @ Librivox: librivox.org/reader/8772
KC Grifant: scifiwri.com
KC Grifant @ Twitter: twitter.com/SciFiWri
KC Grifant @ Amazon: www.amazon.com/KC-Grifant/e/B01B3O66AY
Amy Paonessa’s The Bloodlust: www.thebloodlust.net


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