Tales to Terrify No 138 Tour of the Abattoir Coope

September 5, 2014 by Drew S

Good Evening: 00:39

Mike Allen’s Tour of the Abattoir: 01:24

James Cooper’s In Fetu: 21:00

Pleasant Dreams: 48:38

Pertinent Links:
Mike Allen: http://descentintolight.com/

James Cooper: http://www.jamescooperfiction.co.uk/

Postscripts #10: http://www.pspublishing.co.uk/postscripts-issue-10-hc-ed-by-peter-crowther–nick-gevers-out-of-print-640-p.asp

Gareth Stack: http://garethstack.com & http://deadmedium.ladyboyjesus.com


  1. #138 won’t download at all. Looks like the file is not there. Can someone take a look?

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