Tales To Terrify No 20 Alison Littlewood

May 25, 2012 by Drew S

Coming Up

Welcome to the Nook and Ten Terrifying Minutes 0:00:00

Mike Boris – Bad Narration 0:02:02

Short Fiction by Sandy DeLuca – Introduction 0:05:24

Story: When the Dead Rise 0:06:58

What do you want in the Nook? 0:18:35

Alison Littlewood – Introduction 0:21:40

Main Fiction: 4 a.m. When the Walls Are Thinnest by Allison Littlewood 0:23:02

Goodnight and Pleasant Dreams 0:54:08

Narrators: Tycelia Santoro, Gareth McCumskey


  1. Thank you again, Alison, Sandy, Gareth and Tycelia for a great show.

  2. Definitely worth the listen. As always, Tycelia’s reading adds depth to the piece, and Gareth’s narration is spot on.

  3. Aloha Terror Tribe!
    Larry, Larry…. yes I Love Lovecraft. Pleeeaase have some more. If you could read “The Hound” I’d be thrilled. “Rats in the Walls” would be fantastic! And, I have a feeling you could do an amazing thrilling-chilling job on “The Dunwich Horror”. I’d donate for sure!

  4. nice post, i like this 🙂

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