Tales To Terrify No 23 Martin Mundt

June 15, 2012 by Drew S

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  1. Mr. Mundt, your mind is an intriguing thing to glimpse now and then. This was good. How about another of those “not a movie review” things?

  2. Just wait. We’ll have one soon. It is written and awaiting the date for Marty to get over to the Nook to make the recording.

  3. Another Martin Mundt story. Big deal. I mean, “The Chair” was a fluke. Why won’t he get on with the story? I should turn this off. Anytime now, I’ll turn his off. Any time.

    This story was great fun. It read well, the narration was (well, given that Mr. Mundt wrote it) spot on, and the section encouraging the listener to picture/imagine/focus on everything known about Christopher Walken, showed a deft use of language that suited the story quite well.

    And Larry was right that this wasn’t a traditional horror tale, but the language and emotional power of the story – being swept up in the power of celebrity, the desire to be someone else, lose yourself in something greater than your own reality – is very real. It serves as a lens through which we can view extremists who focus on a given person or sect in favor of their own needs. Mark David Chapman? The Branch Davidian’s subservience to David Koresh? Those who drank the Flavor Aid in Jonestown? In the story, the enthralling fascination is fleeting, yet in real life. . .

    Not to mention it’s a fun story that had me laughing out loud and cringing by turns.

    And your homage to Ray Bradbury was wonderful, Larry. I’d never heard of Leviathan 99 before. Now I need to see if i can buy a copy.

  4. Aloha Terror Tribe!
    Wow! Leviathan 99 mutated my DNA with it’s intense radiation of sci-fi-fantasy goodness!
    Dig it!

    • Aloha Terror Tribe-
      I had just re-watched the DVD of “The Prophecy” and had a very clear picture of a very scary Christopher Walken in my mind. This helped the story by Mundt very much. Funny dark stuff.

      I had the pleasure to see Ray Bradbury on a panel with Ray Harryhausen at a Horror Convention in LA. I’ll always treasure that, almost as much as I treasure my favorite Bradbury books: “Death is a Lonely Business” & “A Graveyard For Lunatics” – because I both lived in Venice Beach, and I worked in Hollywood for a time, and these stories so touch my memories of those days.

  5. “Celebrities are not like us. They are much better. And, much, much worse.”
    “The Day I Didn’t Meet Christopher Walken” by Martin Mundt

    Freakin’ Genius!

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