Tales To Terrify No 27 Margo Lanagan – Mark Morris

July 13, 2012 by Drew S

Coming Up:

Good Evening: 00:00

Fiction: The Goosle by Margo Lanagan 0:05:47

Main Fiction: What Nature Abhors by Mark Morris 0:39:05

District of Wonders 1:10:47

Pleasant Dreams 1:11:56

Stories narrated by Ritchie Smith


  1. Now we are 4. Tales to Terrify is now a neighborhood in The District of Wonders. Now we are one of four locations, the StarShipSofa, of course and now Protecting Project Pulp and Crime City Central. I’ll bet you can find them with your Google skills.

  2. Another excellent episode – I distinctly remember reading “What Nature Abhors” in one of the Mammoth Books awhile back. “The Goosle” was also strong – there’s seems to be a mini-cottage industry of H&G variants (we’ve done 2 on Pseudopod so far).

  3. H&G flutters around so much of childhood’s blooming awareness of sex, death, loss and betrayal, that it’s bound to. I’ve always loved the story.

  4. I agree with Shawn about “The Goosle”, having heard the two H&G stories on Pseudopod. “The Goosle” hit me in all the right ways, giving great sensory impressions, a strong storyline, great characters, and some wonderful chills. The sexual nature of the story only added to the thrill in that childhood sense of “peeking under the bathroom cabinet and finding something naughty”

    I wasn’t as impressed with “What Nature Abhors”. I enjoyed the speculative nature of the world, the lack of intimate knowledge that made the world intriguing, but felt the story often tripped over itself and could have used a solid polish. A matter of taste, i think.

  5. Aloha Terror Tribe!
    Great show Larry!
    “The Goosle” by Margo Lanagan – Jeepers Creepers! Talk about your GRIM Fairy Tales! Margo wins my award for scariest witch of all time (thus far). A Great tale, that kept upping the terror and disturbing scenes… “Oh, a little sodomy bothers you? You should take a look at … THIS!” We gawk at the Hag – in the kitchen. Scariest witch of all time. (EEK!) Well done Margo.

    “What Nature Abhors” by Mark Morris – This was a real lip biter for me. It kept me on the edge of my seat as things kept getting stranger and stranger and I was thinking what the heck was going on? Zombie-viral-plague-crazy-radiation attack? Wha? The ending might have seemed a bit ol’ school like a nice Twilight Zone episode… but, hey how else are you gonna’ explain all that? I liked it – some very original stuff in there.

    OK. Wanna know what was really weird? Can I take a minute here? Sorry, Larry, for going on like this, but here we go…
    About 20 years ago I had one of those “Super real ultra-vivid dreams” – and it was a LOT like Mark’s story. It might be what pulled me into his tale so much.

    My dream: I was living in Los Angeles. I was outside. Standing in my front yard, on a grey, hazy, & gloomy day. There was no traffic. No city noise. There were people. But, they were all just standing around – covered in sheets – like kid’s playing ghost at Halloween. But, the sheets were dirty & filthy. No eye holes. Just “X”‘s painted where their eyes would go.
    I suddenly realize these are the dead. I’m dead too.
    We cannot see, or interact, with the living. No one talks to each other, cause you can’t really tell who is who. It’s limbo.
    I want to go to see my mom, but know I have to travel the 60 miles to her house. The dead can’t drive cars. Can’t open doors. I’ll have to walk. But, it doesn’t matter because time is not passing. I start walking down my quiet, gloomy, street with all these dead, sheeted figures every where.
    Just before I wake up, I notice my cat. It’s on the sidewalk, and looking at me. Cat’s are the only living things that can see the dead.
    I wake up – in my bedroom in LA.

    After that, every time my cat would stare off into space at nothing I figured it was looking at a dead person in a filthy grey sheet.

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