Tales To Terrify No 35 John Everson, Laurel Winter

September 7, 2012 by Drew S

Coming Up:

Good evening… 0:00:40

Cover Art by Skeet Scienski 0:04:42

Fiction: Run, Run, Run by Laurel Winter 0:07:30

Fiction: The White House by John Everson 0:24:50

Pleasant dreams… 1:03:26

Narrators: Tycelia Santoro, Josie Badin


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  2. Please – NO more of these ridiculous little nursery rhyme ditties about the terrors that eggs and children that get read stories of gingerbread persons must endure – they make me want to retch; second only to My little Pony on the generic-o-meter.

    I would like to hear more REAL horror – finely written of course. But alot more…well, horrifying. Examples of things along the lines of what I’d love to hear are Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk, Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn, Walkers by Graham Masterton, and perhaps some twists on true crime stories as well.

    This wuss stuff HAS to stop, or don’t call yourselves a “horror” fiction podcast. Thanks.

  3. Aloha Terror Tribe!

    Well Kelly, I thought you might have been a little harsh on TOT… but after I listened to this episode I kinda’ agree. This may not have been the best episode. Larry was the best thing in it.

    I wasn’t really sure if the first story told of a boy becoming a cookie out of sheer fear or what (?) really, and while I do love old ladies describing hideous murders, I could see the ending of the second story coming from a country mile off… and why the heck did that little girl scout keep coming back to that old woman in the “murder house” anyways?

    Yes, let’s dip into some strong classics. I vote for Larry reading H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Hound”.

    Larry, if you want Tales to win the big prizes, I think we should consider some better fare. Sorry to say, I usually love the nook, and get a chill. Looking forward to next Friday…

  4. I enjoyed the episode, Ms. Winter’s tale in particular,.

    While “Run, Run” wasn’t horrifying in the traditional sense – no monsters, mass murderers, cursed items – it did chill me with it’s views of abuse and the twised shape of a dysfunctional mother-child relationship. The mother’s brutal and brittle insistence, the way she bouced back and forth between monster and mama, her pride in her abillities as a storyteller and the jagged edges of prose as that pride rubbed against the boy’s reactions, or lack of reactions, touched something deep inside. And the boy’s desperate need to avoid raising her ire (in particular, his desire for the pizza and needing to settle for peanut butter) left me holding my breath in the hopes the mother would not hear me. Well done, Ms. Winter.

    “The White House” didn’t work for me quite as well. I liked the old woman’s descriptions, but I found the story ran a little long for my tastes. Perhaps there wasn’t enough meat on the bones of story. Although I have to admit that Josie’s reading of the final scene delivered quite a punch.

    Not all episodes can leave me bloody and sweating, but this earned a solid 6 out of 10 stars.

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