Tales to Terrify No 39 Tim Waggoner

October 5, 2012 by Drew S

Coming Up

Good evening 0:00:40

Cover Art, Brad Parker 0:01:57

Tales to Terrify, Volume 1 0:05:34

Fact: Sundsay, Sunday, Sunday: 0:10:10

Fact: Horror 101 with Kevin Lucia 0:11:08

Main Fiction: Do No Harm by Tim Waggoner 0:36:39

Pleasant Dreams 1:17:40

“Do No Harm” was first published in “Zombiesque,” an anthology of zombie tales, DAW Books, 2011

Narrator: Ruth Stearns


  1. Larry, and everyone at Tales to Terrify,
    “Best episode EVER!” – I mean, Jeepers Creepers! What a great Halloween Treat! Thanks so much for using my art, and the kind words! Larry, that was the very best reading of my “Artist’s Statement” I think I’ll ever hear! As we say out here on da’ Island: “Mahalo Plenty!”
    Brad Tiki-Shark Parker

  2. Thanks, Brad. Glad to be of service And thanks again for the use of the painting.

  3. Horror 101: This series is getting more interesting instalment by instalment! The schools in my country don’t do too much of the “compare and contrast” thing in literature appreciation, and thus it is of great instalment to observe a professional go at it even in a mildly informal fashion. I hope, Mr Lucia, you’ll get some kind of credit from this outreach effort either in your continuing education or on your CV.

    Do No Harm: Although the cold equations of the solution were obvious from miles away, it was interesting to follow the finely crafted story to get there. And the voice! It is not only writers, Mr Santoro, who appreciate and live the words, but you have had magnificent success with your narrators.

  4. Thanks, Pirvonen. I know Kevin will be happy to read your comment. And I’ll be certain to pass it on to Ruth Stearns as well. As mentioned, this is our first experience of her narration and I hope it’s not the last.

  5. Thanks, Pirvonen. Got a few different directions were heading in next, including Melmoth the Wanderer, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and if I can fit it in, Frankenstein. It’ll be a ‘forbidden knowledge’ edition…

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