Tales to Terrify Show No 44 Weston Ochse and Horror 101 with Kevin Lucia

November 9, 2012 by Drew S

Coming Up:

Good evening 0:00:41

Cover Art: Hibred by Sebastián Cabrol 0:04:00

Fact: Horror 101 0:09:11

Fiction: Big Rock Candy Mountain by Weston Ochse 0:33:37

Pleasant dreams 01:19:20

Narrator: Peter Cavell


  1. Loving everything about this episode.

    From the new twisty, tactile art, to the run down of Gothic Horror’s origins in the divine…
    Such a beautifully, looping tie in to the main fiction.
    I’ve always enjoyed religious horrors, especially.

    And that it was all so perfectly performed is just icing.
    Many thanks to all.

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