Tales to Terrify Show No 47 William Hope Hodgson and William Meikle

November 30, 2012 by Drew S

Coming Up:

Good evening: 0:00:41

Fiction: The Horse of the Invisible by William Hope Hodgson 0:07:32

Fiction: Treason and Plot by William Meikle 1:10:49

Pleasant dreams: 1:47:41

Narrator: Robert Neufeld


  1. I will get lambasted for this.

    What I MEANT to say on this week’s show was that William Hope Hodgson was killed at Ypres during World War I. What I DID say was that he was killed at the battle of the Somme.

    Which he was not.

    That’s what I get for doing things off the top of my pretty little head. Or maybe I was conflicted about pronouncing Ypres as “Wipers” the way the Tommies and Doughboys did or the way the rest of the world does – rather like “EEEPr”.

    Well, no. I was just dead wrong. Hodgson did not die at the Somme.

  2. …and, yes, I meant to say that the brandy was warming in the snifters.

  3. I just finished this episode this morning on the way to work. I simply loved it.
    The language in the two stories was a delight. So much more elequent than today. Certainly not textable, and that’s a good thing. Breakdowns due to nerves and great amounts of pluck! Fabulous.
    Yea Bob! Fabulous narration. I checked his link…alas it took me to his LibraVox page which provided no real info about the man. A perfect choice (Cher?) for these stories.
    Once again Larry, a delightful show. Given the inevitable production time, I hope you are quite past your ailment…just in time for H3N2 or whatever scourge is set to plague us all this season.
    Carry on my good man, carry on.

    • Thanks, Mike. Tycelia and I are almost through the peste of the season. We both coughed and wheezed so much we have somewhat detached retinas and other minor ailments.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the Carnacki tales. As mentioned, I frequently us Librivox to lull me to sleep and I kept encountering Bob Neufeld as a narrator. Finally, I got hold of him and asked if he’d be interested and, luckily, he was.

      Just this past week on Librivox, I heard another voice I liked. Nikolle Doolan narrates Henry James’s “The Turn of the Screw.” Again, I’ve asked and she’s accepted. She’s got a mid-Atlantic elegance to her voice so we’ll have to find an appropriate tale with which she can terrify us.

  4. …Nikolle Doolin, actually.

  5. Splendid narration on “Horse of the Invisible”. I’ve been listening to it as I tromp through the snow in our odd winter, and relishing each sentence.

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