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Tales To Terrify No 18 John Shirley

May 11, 2012 by tony

Coming Up

New Art by Marianna Stelmach 0:00:20

The Hairy Mango Promo 0:02:12

We Need Voices 0:04:24

Poetry: Yours or Mine by Marge Simon 0:06:27

Flash Fiction: Breathe by Brad C. Hodson 0:08:31

New Audio Drama from HP Lovecraft Historical Society announced 0:17:02

A moment to listen for the thunder 0:19:22

Main Fiction: Isolation Point by John Shirley 0:19:49

Narrators: Lawrence Santoro, Tycelia Santoro, Joe Sammarco


  1. Thank you so much, Tycelia! A great reading of my poem, very clear. And I truly appreciated that Larry said a moment of silence should follow …what this poem says.

    You are doing a wonderful job, bringing back the joys of radio days!



  2. Thank you, Marge. I thank you, Tyclia thanks you. Keep the work coming.

  3. The poem, a nugget of world-building and atmosphere. Excellent work, very fitting reading voice.

    Isolation point… good, understated working of strong, uncompromising material.

  4. I’m finally getting around to listening to the archives of shows I missed. This one was oh so excellent from beginning to end. I especially enjoyed the poem and Isolation Point. Man, what an amazing story! Thanks, John, thanks, Larry for putting it out there and thanks, Joe for your fine reading.

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