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Tales To Terrify No 2 Joe R Lansdale

January 20, 2012 by Tony C. Smith

Coming Up

Fact: Horror Anarchy and Doom by Andy Remic 02:50

Main Fiction: God of The Razor by Joe R. Lansdale 15:00

Narrator: Larry Santoro

Anarchy Books


  1. Larry, thanks for your introduction and the story from Mr. Lansdale. Blood-sucking razors. What a wonderful idea. And rats and severed heads. I was charmed. I had not read the story before, and now I will never forget it, no matter what. I will also never travel south of Peoria. I also enjoyed Horror, Anarchy and Doom by Mr. Remic, and look forward to more commentary to keep me in the loop. Marty.

  2. I shall,indeed, Marty. The sweetest things delight you. And we look forward to more of you in this space as time goes by.

  3. I was cooking when listening to the story and when a black shadow appeared on top of the stairs I’ve chopped the top of my thumb off. The wound was superficial, but it wouldn’t stop bleeding, probably because of all the adrenaline in the system making my heart to pump like its life depended on it. But when Larry mentioned “irony” in the outro I just couldn’t stop laughing 🙂

  4. We have ways to see you while you listen.

  5. Great reading of the Lansdale piece, Larry. I first read him when he was getting stuff into the early issues of TWILIGHT ZONE MAGAZINE and subsequently bought BY BIZARRE HANDS off the racks.

    Looking forward to #3!

  6. Dammit, why does this story have to be so good?

    Oh, wait, it’s Joe R. Lansdale. Right. Even more reason to enjoy it.

    And thanks for the awesome read, Larry.

  7. A charming, sweet little tale. NOT! I love Lansdale, but wasn’t familiar with this story. I listened to it while shovelling metres of snow off our balcony yesterday. The snow had frozen ice beneath – but it wasn’t as chilling as Mr Landsdale’s God of the Razor. Splendid reading, too, Larry.

  8. Aloha Terror Tribe!
    Horror Anarchy and Doom by Andy Remic – Great. Horror reviews by an ex-goth (oh, my brother), and all with Andy’s sweet accent. Dig it. Stephen King. The Shining. That was his height. Back when I couldn’t wait for the next King novel. Christine. The Fog. Later I fell out of love. Somewhere around Cujo. Dunno what happened. I went deeper into H.P. Lovecraft, and discovered Clive Barker. Afterwards, I could never get back into King.

    God of The Razor by Joe R. Lansdale – I have a fantasy where I stand up in front of my Catholic High School english class and read this story – as if I were the genius who wrote it as my class composition. I day dream about the other student’s faces, the teacher’s expression, my parents called, a priest, a child psychologist, maybe even a police officer – us all in the principal’s office. Their heads sadly shaking back and forth. Their questions. Why I wrote this … this epic nightmare of the finest degree. Did young Joe get to have that wonderful experience? I hope so.
    Bubba Hotep – Freakishly fresh and dreadfully fun.
    All hail Joe R. Lansdale!
    Good pod cast.

  9. A superb reading of an excellent story, perfect listening for me on Halloween night. Thanks a lot Larry. And Joe R of course!

  10. The Grist Mill did an audio dramatization of “God of the Razor”. It can be heard here: http://www.radiodramarevival.com/radio-drama-revival-halloween-horror-extravaganza/

  11. I have read the stories multiple times. my teenage boys are too lazy to read….just what the Doctor ordered!

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