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Tales To Terrify No 24 Nina Kiriki Hoffman

June 22, 2012 by Tony C. Smith
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Coming Up

Fact: Mundt Speaks by Martin Mundt 01:10

Fact: Horror List 101 by Kevin Lucia 21:30

Main Fiction: My Tears Have Been My Meat by Nina Kiriki Hoffman 42:30

Music: Empty House by Jonah Knight

Narrator: Kristi Petersen Schoonover


  1. I liked Kevin Lucia’s enthusiasm and obvious dedication to his subject. Then he slipped the usual post-industrial incomprehensible claim that before the internet and facebook it was impossible to find out about anything. Did Mr Lucia ever visit a library? Even my county capital, a minor town of some 100,000 inhabitants, has a decent literature research section, where I spent numerous Saturday afternoons digging into the past of my favoured genres, making notes about more and more and more authors. This was in late 1970s and early 1980s; in the pre-internet age when it was impossible to find any information?

    Nevertheless, Kevin Lucia sounds dedicated to his subject and I am very interested in hearing more of this series.

    – o –

    Mr Mundt, I thank you for twisting my mind once again.

  2. Oh, wow, I’m looking forward to Kevin Lucia’s future columns. Very nice! I often hear that it’s important for writers to know the history of their genre, where the tropes and the images come from, but isn’t it also important for readers, too?

  3. All in all, a satisfying episode. I liked both non-fiction articles (intrigued by Mr. Lucia’s column, but like Pirvonen I wonder if Mr. Lucia spent time in the local library), Ms. Hoffman’s story delighted, and I dearly love Jonah Knight’s “Empty House”. I checked out his site. Oooo….new albums!

  4. Thanks for the comments, folks. Hope I can bring something interesting to all of you. Right now, I’m reading “The Castle of Otranto”, by Horace Walpole, looking at some essays by Ann Radcliffe, also hope to fit in either “The Monk” or “Vathek” before our next broadcast.

    And I should clarify. Growing up, I was a very scattered reader, reading whatever I could get my hands on. I graduated from a small high school – graduating class of 55 – so, point in fact, our town DIDN’T have library. Most of the “genre” stuff I encountered were Issac Asimov novels from our high school library (which, needless to say, didn’t have much of a horror selection), and the “weirdest” stuff I encountered came through comic books and Saturday morning cartoons.

    I didn’t really become a horror fan until my late twenties. And yes, you’re absolutely correct – there probably were plenty of places to find horror on the ‘Net, but quite honestly, I just wasn’t all that plugged in back then. To me, the Internet was this “AOL” thing, and looking up genre related material just never occurred to me. Also, I didn’t really “network” or converse much with folks on the internet until, believe it or not, the advent of Myspace.

    Basically, I just started picking up Dean Koontz and Stephen King novels at the local bookstore. It was only after reading “On Writing”, becoming more serious as a writer, and attending Cons that I realized I needed read up.

    So, I guess what I meant to convey was my weak background in the horror genre is MY lacking, and the past few years I’ve been “boning up”, and this podcast is the result that. Didn’t mean to convey the idea there was “nowhere to find horror”, more that for me, I just didn’t happen to encounter any of this stuff at a young age.

    Anyway, thanks for taking the time to comment. If you ever have any suggestions – works I should read, or that you’d like to hear about – please don’t hesitate to email me!

  5. Aloha Terror Tribe!
    Good Show.
    But yes, who has not heard of Robert Howard? Ever heard of a character named Conan? No? Gosh, way before the net, back in the 70’s Everyone read Conan. H.P.Lovecraft? Ray Bradbury? How can you NOT know about these giants. I’m happy that folks are discovering these important writers… again and still.
    Read on!

  6. Aloha Terror Tribe!
    A bit more to jabber at ya’
    “My Tears Have Been My Meat” by Nina Kiriki Hoffman – I liked this, BUT it seemed a bit repetitive, rambled a tad, and I had a hard time with her constant strange referring to her unborn baby as “Child”. Just kinda’ odd. Plus, sorry, but I always get upset at weak women being victimized in horror stories, and this is sure that kinda’ story about a beaten woman… “maybe this is all I deserve.” .. ugh. Hate to hear that from a female character.

    So, of course, I really warmed up to the ending as she came back to Randy’s rescue. Then, she does keep deciding to stop Joe no matter what, even as she falls victim to his new supernatural powers.
    What I enjoyed the most was Randy… What fun. Graveyard night-watchman, grave digger, & clove smokin’, cool dude, and… Slayer (!?) Dig it! “Don’t you worry Mrs. B” … I kept thinking of Henry Winkler as The Fonz.

    The ending leaves you wondering about the further adventures of Mrs. B and Randy. Does Mrs. B have some of Joe’s dark vampyr-like power now? Is “Child” changed into some kinda’ weird dark super hero waiting to be born? And, will Randy be Mrs. B’s faithful companion in their fighting to protect “Child” and beating of the forces of darkness, like Kato & Green Hornet?
    Stay tuned… (I guess)

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