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Tales to Terrify No 38 Christopher Fowler

September 28, 2012 by Tony C. Smith
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Good evening 0:00:40

Main Fiction: The Threads by Christopher Fowler 0:06:27

Why so much about authors and readers? 0:38:52

Pleasant Dreams 0:39:53

Narrated by Ritchie Smith


  1. Yo Larry, Thanks for the Fowler!
    I was going to add one of his stories to the requests(Wish Fulfillment) List I mentioned I would put up. I know it will be awhile, If you can get it, But I bet you remember his story “On Edge” You would if you read it, About this guys trip to the Dentist.

    They made a award winning short film out of it with none other the Doug (Pin Head) Bradley in it which you could find a few minutes of on Youtube, But through the Magic Bus someone decided to put it out for free in its entirety on the Great IMPD.

    So heres a link for ya’s(I’d strongly suggest reading it first if possible)


    Enjoy ye of squeamish faith =)

  2. And Here’s my bloated list of Wishes(too bad they aint fishes)
    I know odds are against, So I just put up a Good sized amount of Good un’s and hope that one or two capture a remembered fondness for them. And just maybe you can pull one of those scary looking rabbits outta your ten gallon.

    So here they be.

    Joe Lansdale
    The Steel Valentine
    The Pit This maybe more Horror then the other but both have that unique Uncle Joe Edge to them

    Ray Garton’s Punishments. What can I say except “Tough” I doubt you could get away with this one(but its as Horrific as it is powerful)
    F.Paul Wilson’s Cuts, Soft or Menage a Trois.

    Douglas E. Winters Spatter: A Cautionary Tale(you remember this one)

    Thomas Tessier’s Evelyn Grace, The Banshee

    Ill just for Petes Sake heres some macadamia nuts to top off the whole enchilada.
    Including some old rare K.E. Wagner Years best horror stories by writers that were more one hit wonders, but might be sights for sore eyes.(or bleeding ears)

    Scott D. Yost Mr . Sandman
    Ian McDowell – on the dark road
    Michael Cassutt – Night life
    An old Omni Magazine story
    Greg Keizer -Chimera Dreams

    Brian Hodge
    the alchemy of the throat
    Grant Morrison The Braille encyclopedia

    Also wanted to plug nickel and say you sure reads em good!!

    Thanks Again”S

  3. Of course there must be a bit about the authors, and why not the readers as well. The author snippet does indeed bring context as well as understanding of Zeitgeist of the writing.

  4. Yes. I erred, made a mistake, screwed up. The day of the Joe Haldeman event the StarShipSofa is bringing forth is SUNDAY, not Saturday. The date is November 11. That much I had right. So, apa-poly-logies, my droogs, I’ll see you on SUNDAY, November 11.

  5. Nicely done. Great sensory detail, and the characterizations about class and race were focussed and intense. I agree with you, Larry, about listenint t the story again in a couple of days to allow for a level of introspection about the end.

    Not as tightly written as I mighthave liked, the changes in perspective didn’t flow as well for me, but in the end the sensory images and solid narration made the tale.

  6. Cher propriétaire du blog ! Je tiens à vous remercier pour fournir autant d’informations utiles. Cela me paraît fort intéressant. Bravo !