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Tales to Terrify No 98 Lakin-Smith, Horror 101, O’neal

November 22, 2013 by Tony C. Smith

Coming up:

Good evening  0:00:40

What to do for our hundredth?  To begin our third year?  0:01:20

More of art and the weather  0:02:03

Horror 101 with Kevin Lucia (author of “Things Fall Through” from Crystal Lake Publishing)  0:04:31

Poetry, “Scream Day,” by William Markly O’Neal, narrated by Diane Severson Mori  0:34:39

Fiction, “Deluge,” by Kim Lakin-Smith, narrated by Antoinette Bergin  0:42:17

Nightmare Illustrated Magazine  1:21:25

Pleasant dreams  1:22:31

Pertinent URLs for Show 98:

Kevin Lucia:


William Markly O’Neal:  https://www.facebook.com/WilliamMarklyONeal

Diane Severson Mori: http://www.divadiane.eu

Kim Lakin-Smith: http://www.kimlakin-smith.com

Antoinette Bergin:  www.antoinettebergin.com

Links for books mentioned in Horror 101:

Brownstone Gothic, by Elizabeth Shenkin


The Hawkline Monster: A Gothic Western, by Richard Brautigan


The Woman in Black, by Susan Hill


The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane, by Laird Koenig


William Markly O’Neal’s one-minute video, “I Was a Teenage Beehive”  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0mVXggFgf0


  1. Of course. Having made sure to mention Kevin Lucia’s new book about six or seven times during the run of today’s show and having mentioned it on the timeline, above, it suddenly came to me that I put the wrong title into my mouth all those times, my fingers put the wrong title onto the page. Kevin Lucia’s new book is THINGS SLIP THROUGH and not that other thing I called it.

  2. Another fine podcast.
    Kevin Lucia hit on some fascinating modern Gothics.

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