Tales to Terrify 173 Stone Jessup

May 15, 2015 by Drew S

Good Evening: 00:38
Thomas Edison’s Doll: 01:11
Tales to Terrify needs narrators: 01:53
Grant Stone’s Wood: 04:44
Paul Jessup’s Mudskin: 00:38:34
Pleasant Dreams: 01:01:30

Smithsonian: Listen to the Newly Reconstructed, Very Creepy Voices of Thomas Edison’s Dolls: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/smithsonianmag/new-tech-brings-life-voice-thomas-edisons-dolls-180955186/
Grant Stone: http://grant-stone.com/
Paul Jessup: http://pauljessup.com/
Antoinette Bergin: https://twitter.com/Nettie_Bergin


  1. The link above is one of the other Grant Stones. There’s a bunch of us. We could be clones. Some are evil – but which ones?

    y website can be found at http://grant-stone.com/

    Hope you enjoy ‘Wood’

  2. Fixed. Apologies.

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