Tales to Terrify 184 Fuqua Lights Out

July 31, 2015 by Drew S

Coming Up: 00:00:39
Good Evening: 00:00:39
C. S. Fuqua’s Rise Up read by Jonathan Danz: 00:004:40
Sylvia Shults’s Lights Out: 00:45:05
Pleasant Dreams: 01:12:45

Pertinent Links
C. S. Fuqua: http://csfuqua.weebly.com
Jonathan Danz: http://www.jonathandanz.com
Sylvia Shults: http://sylviashults.com


  1. What happened at 11:01? Was that part of the story, or something meant to be edited?

    • Slip up on the narrators part that he didn’t edit our and the editor on staff at time of narration completion, and I didn’t catch of time of production. So one of the rare ones to slip through, but- yeah, not part of the story.

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