Tales to Terrify 189 Preston Chapman

September 4, 2015 by Drew S

Coming Up
Good evening: 00:39
M. J. Preston’s Coutin Paces as read by Geoffrey Welchman: 03:48
Jeff Chapman’s Shafts to Hell as ready by Logan Waterman: 22:46
Angela Slatter’s Bluebeard as read by Ryan Stahl: 33:02
Pleasant Dreams: 57:06

Pertinent Links
Barry Yeoman’s Murder on the Mountain: http://barryyeoman.com/1996/11/murder-on-the-mountain/
M. J. Preson: http://mjpreston.net/
Geoffrey Welchman: http://www.geoffreywelchman.com/
Jeff Chapman: http://jeffchapmanwriter.blogspot.com
Angela Slatter: http://www.angelaslatter.com
Ryan Stahl: http://screamingpileofblog.com


  1. A wonderful surprise to hear my story: COUNTING PACES performed on Tales To Terrify this week and done so expertly by Geoffrey Welchman. Outstanding job, you really captured the spirit of this tale, which was written over 25 years ago. Bravo!

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