Tales to Terrify No 127 Hodgson part 4 and Tour of the Abattoir

June 13, 2014 by Drew S

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Good evening  0:00:41

June art: “Cthulhu Takes Brooklyn” by Travis Braxton 0:01:15

“Tour of the Abattoir,” with Mike Allen 0:03:45

Previously On…”House on the Borderland” 0:18:26

“The House on the Borderland,” by William Hope Hodgson, Part 4, Narrated by Nicholas Camm 0:22:15

Musical intros and outros for “The House on the Borderland” 2:07:53

Pleasant dreams…  2:08:16


Pertinent URLs:

Event: “Cthulhu Takes Brooklyn”: https://www.facebook.com/events/285597531613508

Travis Braxton: https://www.facebook.com/gogogoetic


Mike Allen: http://descentintolight.com

William Hope Hodgson: There’s always something new at this excellent blog: http://williamhopehodgson.wordpress.com

Nicholas Camm: http://www.stage32.com/profile/71473/nicholas-camm


  1. Now I think the dead white male writers of our past should be held in great esteem. but I never like seeing a bunch of public domain work being done as it will always have a air of cheapness to it.

    every now and then is fine but 4 parts?

    I think there are a lot of great stories from horrors biggest heyday in the 80’s boom that probably could be had cheap and feed a forgotten master.

    Anyway, this opinion is not concrete, but a observation that would have some validity, not sure how much.

  2. Hey, Maddog, I hear where you’re coming from, but I feel the need to point out that pretty much everyone involved in District of Wonders (that I know of) is an unpaid volunteer, including Larry and Tony. It’s pretty astonishing and amazing what these guys have built with the budget they have, i.e. next to none. And sometimes a golden oldie is going to be just what the doctor ordered…

  3. I had to chime in here after reading some comments. This is one of the finest pieces of audio fiction I’ve ever listened to… and free (?!)! Remarkable. The story and narration both were spectacular and beautiful. So… Tony, Nicholas, Larry, bless you guys and thank you so much. Expect to see a good donation coming through for all the district of wonders sites. You guys have made my ‘downtime’ the best part of the day.

    Again, wow, this was just an amazing tale well told. I listened to the last twenty minutes of part three multiple times for the meditational aspect of it. Just simply wonderful. Cheers.

  4. Another good Tour, Mike. Thank you for the examination of those two collections, plus praise for a third. My Kindle’s maw gapes wide.

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