Tales To Terrify No 145 Ganus Schury Andrews

October 24, 2014 by Drew S

Coming up:

Good evening: 00:40

Sean Ganus’s Write Away: 04:19

Frank A. Schury’s A. T. M.: 23:16

Scott K. Andrews’s: A Private Viewing: 33:28

Pleasant Dreams: 56:29

Pertinent Links:

Sean Ganus: http://seanganus.wordpress.com

Sean Ganus’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/tweetthehorror

Trevor Gensch: https://twitter.com/tgensch

Stephen Kilpatrick: http://stevenski.com

Scott K Andrews: http://scottkandrews.com


  1. I cannot find one “Search” window on the tales to terrify website. I was trying to search all your podcasts for “ghost stories” but there isn’t any search windows hete to do this. Can you please add this function?

  2. I loved Sean Ganus’s wonderful story. Made me wanna reach out and shake his character and make him wake up and make love to his wife.

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