Tales To Terrify No 21 Yvonne Navarro

June 1, 2012 by Drew S

Coming Up

Cover Art: Alan M. Clark  0:03:31

Short Fiction: Just Around The Corner by Alexei Collier 0:07:21

Fact: Tour of The Abattoir by Mike Allen with guest Shalon Hurlbert  0:20:00

Narrator’s Workshop

Main Fiction:  I Know What To Do by Yvonne Navarro 0:54:43

Narrators: Dave Robison


  1. This week’s show features stories by a sold pro who has been in the business of writing and selling terrifying tales for decades and by a young guy who is just starting out.

    I hope you’ll stop by the forum — above — and let them know what you thought of their work. We all like feedback.

    Also, stop by Alan M. Clark’s site and have a look. It’s worth a few hours.

  2. Dear Mr. Santoro-I saw your post in the Chicago Writer’s Association. Would you be willing to broadcast my book, Halo of the Damned? It’s received multiple five star reviews. Probably a shot in the dark, but thought I’d ask. Thanks, Dina Rae

  3. Dina,

    if you’re talking about our “Ten Terrifying Minutes” offer, sure. Just give us a good, clean recording of the first chapter — or ten minutes, whichever comes first — and we’ll put it on at the end of the show. You could probably use one or two of your ten minutes to tell us a bit about yourself and/or a bit about the book but that’s all you need. Send the MP3 file to talestoterrify@gmail.com and put Ten Minutes in the subject line.

  4. Great show. Always nice to get another Tour of the Abattoir. I had been looking forward to their review of Cabin in the Woods ever since they mentioned it in the last Tour.

  5. So…what did you think of CABIN iN THE WOODS, Dominik?

  6. Oh.


    The short fiction. Oh wow. Wow.

    The main fiction. Giggle. Wow.

    The fact article. Interesting. Yawn. Interesting, totally, but long.

    – o –

    It took me a long time to finally remember to add TtT to my podcatcher list; I had only been coming over to listen to an episode here, another there. I had noticed coming here often, but when the time came to refresh the podcatcher, I was oblivious again.

    Now you are in your rightful place in the easy access to interesting listening list.

  7. I quite enjoyed it, Larry. The acting was solid, the production value was good, good script, and I enjoyed the engagement with various images and concepts of the horror genre as a whole. Does it really subvert the tropes and cliches? Not necessarily, but I still think it works as a commentary on the genre, and as a film in its own right. What did you think?

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