Tales To Terrify No 26 Stephen Volk

July 6, 2012 by Drew S

Coming Up

New Art by Skeet Scienski, “Red Depths” 0:03:14

Main Fiction: After the Ape by Stephen Volk 08:40

Ten Terrifying Minutes: The Zombie Generation by Drake Vaughn 01:07:15

Narrator: Amy H Sturgis

Goodnight and Pleasant Dreams 01:17:50


  1. Just waiting to hear from someone about this show. I love this story. How about you?

    • Depth. Level on level. Very desirable viewpoint and a good telling from that point.

      The transformation of Peter’s expressed personality was a bit strong, but the way we needed to see the monstrous in us normal humans probably made it necessary.

      Another good selection and good production.

  2. Hi Larry, Super Congrats on the Anniversary!!!!!!!!
    You don’t know how glad I am, and that I’m not unique in that either.

    Great Shows, I’ve listened to most and will catch up with the rest.

    Do you take suggestions for stories? I know its not like you can just say “Done” and I’m sure the variables make it 50/50 at the very best. But I think it would be cool to invite suggestions and have people vote on the ones they would like to hear most. And just because we know your going to try even if its in a failing effort. It would be fun to stay tuned and see if you could pull some off(rabbits out of hats or elsewhere…..)

    I got one(probably not my most sought after) but certainly one of my fav stories is also I remember as maybe the best Tales from the Darkside episode by Robert Bloch “A Case of the Stubborns” God that is so Funny.

    My eyes make it where I listen to all my stories and Books now and sadly the NLS put out two of the Three Super Bloch Collections but did not make the audio for the one with this story in it(Of all the Blind Luck=)

    Anyways I bet you seen and/or read it and love it too. And It just came up in conversation earlier and I wanted to mention it.

    Either and Anyways Thank you for the Great Work and bringing us Audio Fans our Fix for our Darker Side.

    All the Best

  3. Thanks to both of you.

    John, of course we take suggestions, the limiting factor, of course, is whether or not the author will allow us to post a narrated version of his/her story. In the case of material in the public domain, suggest away. We’ve done Poe and Lovecraft and in the very near future I expect to do a piece by William Hope Hodgson and M.R. James.

  4. …that is to say, I expect to do some pieces by Mr. Hodgson and Mr. James. Not to suggest that they collaborated on a story which we may do at some future date…

    • Pah. Suggest away. You never know when you’ll be channeling any or all of them in addition to your own authorial voice.

  5. Larry

    You simply must search out a copy of THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF BEST NEW HORROR #19 which contains Caitlin R. Kiernan’s “The Ape’s Wife” – to lift from my own review “With a tone and deft touch for the potent symbols that underlie fantasy, something like Angela Carter, Kiernan here weaves a beautiful, troubling, grand story about Ann Darrow, King Kong’s reluctant love, seemingly unstuck in time and reality, wandering through a myriad of possible outcomes to the epic narrative of the doomed giant ape.” In truth, I loved it even more than Stephen Volk’s piece, as fine as that was.

  6. Aloha Terror Tribe!
    Quite interesting take on King Kong. I really enjoyed the depth of the aftermath, both physical damage and emotional. I never considered Anne’s future after the beast was killed. Exotic, steamy, sexy, decadent, sad and heart breaking in it’s epic change. Very well thought out.

    Now… let’s talk about Godzilla…

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