Tales To Terrify No 28 Felicity Dowker

July 20, 2012 by Drew S

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Good Evening 0:00:00

Fiction: Wet Dog Perfume by Michael Penkas 0:03:46

Fiction: Bread and Circuses by Felicity Dowker 0:21:35

Pleasant Dreams 1:07:06

Narrators: Scott Couchman and Cher Eaves


  1. Wet Dog Perfume: A compelling listen, especially as I, too, try to live with a clinical depression. Touching, poignant, and all that kind of things. I liked the story, and the great narration. Until the end. I am not a friend of open-ended narratives. If a story doesn’t come to a closure, tightening a tourniquet around its neck isn’t going to help its continued survival. Otherwise, a gripping story with great narration.

    Bread and Circuses: I came to think how much this is a retelling of the modern Western society. Except that our rampaging hordes at the gate are mostly imaginary, the fear of the Other is an effective tool to keep the populace in line.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Pirvonen. I absolutely agree with your second graph with one minor exception. Sometimes the threat is real and the various smokescreens and premonitory trumpet blasts used to keep the mob in line make us miss the real danger.

    With regards to Mike’s story, I will say that open-ended is my favorite kind of narrative.

  3. …and, speaking of the narration on “Wet Dog Perfume,” it is amazing how much like Mike Penkas Scott Couchman sounds. They don’t know each other so far as I know, but the vocal similarity is astounding.

  4. SPOILERS AHEAD … I guess

    Thanks for the comments on “Wet Dog Perfume”. As far as the ending being open, I try to take it on a story-by-story basis. If he calls her, who can say if she can help him with his depression or not? If he doesn’t call her, that’s just ending with “he didn’t call her today”. He could call tomorrow. He could commit suicide; but in horror, that’s far from a permanent solution.

    I like to imagine those two spending years together, slicing eachother’s veins in public places while ghosts nip at them for a taste of their blood … but I can be a romantic.

    As far as Scott Couchman’s performance goes, I thought it was wonderful. Thanks for attaching such a talent to my story.

  5. Aloha Terror Tribe.
    Another great show. I have a real weakness for goth girls – having been a wild young man in LA during the 80’s and 90’s and being involved in the goth and Vampire club scene…so I really liked Wet Dog Perfume. Thanks!

  6. Aloha Terror Tribe!
    Sorry, forgot one more thought.
    Bread and Circuses by Felicity Dowker – A beautiful naked lesbian amazon armed with a machine gun and a knife fighting zombie hoards?
    Sounds a little exploitive? Sure, but… wow… jeepers creepers… it totally RAWKED!
    (Now, that’s good literature!)

  7. I really love the show but as a Black woman this story Bread & Circuses grated my nerves on so many levels. The Black savior, the description of the Black protagonist as some sort of beast. I skipped it when I listened to the show a second time but I will probably give it another listen judt to confirm my feelings and give a more rounded opinion.

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