Tales To Terrify No 29 William Hope Hodgson

July 26, 2012 by Drew S

Coming Up

New Art, “Confession” by Sean Narandel Wong 0:00:45

Main Fiction: “A Voice in the Night” by William Hope Hodgson 0:07:30

Pleasant Dreams 0:46:10

Narrator: Lawrence Santoro


  1. Thanks go out to Tony C. Smith, Harry Markov, Skeet Scienski, and Tim Ward. Thanks also go to all our writers and artists. I just got word that Tales to Terrify has been nominated for a Parsec Award.

    The awards were founded in 2006 by Mur Lafferty, Michael R. Mennenga & Tracy Hickman. They did so to “celebrate Speculative Fiction Podcasting, under the banner of Farpoint Media.”

    The shows are nominated by fans, and finalists are chosen by a steering committee. That’s where we are now. The finalists are then voted on by an independent panel of judges from outside of podcasting.

  2. Another great story Larry.

  3. Thanks, MJ. I love this story. Simple, enthralling, inevitable but terrifying.

  4. This is a pretty good introduction to Hodgson’s ouvre. Good selection, Larry, and a great narration!

    However, I don’t feel this is Hodgson’s strongest work. I have read it previously, perhaps several times. I don’t think I was spoilered by knowing the reveal, it just doesn’t seem to carry me as strongly on repeated exposures as well as, say The Valley of Lost Children. (The Carnacki cycle, of course, is a completely separate kettle of miscellaneous swimming things.)

    Parsec nomination already? Somehow, I am not wondering. You are making a strong showing here. Thank you most heartily.

    • Thanks again, Pirovenen. We will revisit Hodgson down the way. I expect to do at least one or two of the Carnacki stories. “The Derelict” is another possibility as a sort of companion piece to “A Voice in the Night”

  5. I remember a movie made from this story. I don’t remember the name but it was on one of those Sat afternoon scary movie shows I used to watch as a kid. As always, a great reading for an excellent story.

    • Gary, there is a Japanese film from back at the height of Toho Studio’s efforts with Gojira, et al. It is “Matango” and came out in 1963. There is also an episode of the t.v. series, “Suspicion,” that is based on this story. I’ve seen neither the film, available apparently on dvd as part of the Toho Collection package, nor have I seen the t.v. episode, which is probably not available. As described, “Matango” bears precioius little resemblance to Hodgson’s simple tale of creeping terror.

  6. Aloha Terror Tribe!
    Larry, love the Hodgson story. I really dig his sea / horror tales. “The Tropical Terror” is a real great monster tale. I vote for a reading of that, please. Yep, speaking of movies of moss monsters…. how about “First Man into Space”? Okay, it’s not moss, but space moss – it’s a grey and sponge like growth, and well, can rip people to pieces, but the same general look. Fun blood drinking space moss like monster! Almost as good as creepy old sea haunts. How about the Jonny Quest episode “The Sea Haunt”? There’s a crew-less ship found adrift, with a monster onboard… not mossy , but more creature-ish.
    Great episode of Tales 2 Terrify! Yes, you have my hearty “Yo-ho” for more spooky sea stories from handsome young sailor Hodgson.

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