Tales To Terrify No 4 B. C. Bell

February 3, 2012 by Drew S

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Cover Art: Galen Dara

Fact: DV Masters of Horror Trilogy – Part One: The Blair Witch Project and Cloverfield by Mark Deniz 02.55

Poetry: by Bruce Boston 20:23

Main Fiction: How Pappy Got Five Acres Back and Calvin Stayed on the Farm by B.C. Bell 26:00

Narrator: Nathan Lowell



  1. I hope you’ll all feel comfortable leaving little notes and comments here. I really do appreciate them and I know the writers and narrators do, too.

  2. I had a lot of fun reading this.

    I’m not too sure about the accent, but it was creepy enough that I hope the story will distract critical listeners from my inflections. 😀

  3. The accent worked just fine for me. I can’t vouch for the regional accuracy, but the slow drawl darkened the edges of the story and lent it an air of down home magic. Factual, intense, and inescapable.

    The story itself was very well done. I had a bit of trouble following it towards the end with the PoV shift away from Calvin (when Calvin goes to get Robert), but I really enjoyed the pacing, language, and the overall impact.

    Looking forward to more great stories!


  4. Excellent Bell story and excellent reading! In a nice coincidence, during my morning commute I was just driving past the state park where most of Blair Witch was filmed when Mr. Deniz announced that very spot!

  5. Congrats to B.C. Bell, Nathan Lowell, and Tales to Terrify for the Parsec nomination on “How Pappy…” Larry, do you want me to take care of the submission for this too?

  6. Aloha Terror Tribe!
    The Blair Witch Project and Cloverfield by Mark Deniz – nice work.

    If I might add something. This is the very newest hand-held camera “documentary/monster movie” to date.

    This is “The Blair Witch Project”, but, with world class surfers, an exotic location, a sinister sea creature, and a rawking sound track!

    Trans World Surf Magazine has a annual short film contest to promote the art of Surf Photography. This year, 60 year old surf brand, Body Glove entered a short film: (with a monster!) The film’s about 8 professional surfers who, in search of the perfect wave, fly to Indonesia, get a map from a local guy, and travel to a remote island. There, they camp in the jungle, surf this amazing surf break, and are stalked and killed off by a mysterious sea creature. Please remember this is an international “SURF Photography” short film contest, not a horror film contest. Just the fact that Body Glove chose to make a Monster movie is quite amazing, it’s wonderful, and freakin’ AWESOME! Body Glove is the last big surf brand owned and run by Southern California surfers, and not a big corporation. These are not professional film makers, these are surfers and surf photographers. They love what they do, love to have fun with it, and it shows. (Ya’ gotta’ love em!)
    And ….guess what? They won first place in the contest!! (yipee! Monster movies still RULE!)
    Here is the notice and link to their project “The Disappearance”:

    Hey everyone,
    Our 2012 Imaginarium video “The Disappearance” went up on TransWolrd Surf’s site today. If you could share this link through all your avenues (email, facebook, twitter, google+) we would really appreciate it. We are very proud of this video and want everyone to see it.

    This is the link to the video on TW’s site:

    Once there you can share it, like it and comment on it. Please get the word out.


  7. Great work !
    Turn off the lights before starting listening 😀

  8. I just wanted to thank everybody who listened. Thanks!

  9. Loved this story. So good!

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