Tales to Terrify No 70 Lawrence Santoro

May 10, 2013 by Drew S

WARNING: This week’s story, “Little Girl Down the Way,” contains graphic language and descriptive passages of violence and abuse.

Coming up:

Good evening 0:00:41

New art by Jesper Myrfors 0:01:27

Fact: Lights Out with Sylvia Shults 0:05:43

Fiction: “Little Girl Down the Way” by Lawrence Santoro read by the author 0:32:07

Some words about the Little Girl 1:09:27

Pleasant Dreams 1:15:42



  1. Your story Lawrence, I will never be able to forget. The mark of a great writer.

  2. Thanks again, Mark. I appreciate the listen and the comment.

  3. I just listened to ‘little girl down the way’ and it was so absorbing, so sad and full of horror. One of the best horror stories I’ve ever heard and definitely made an impact on me. Thanks Lawrence!

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