Tales To Terrify No 8 Gene Wolfe

March 2, 2012 by Drew S

Coming Up

Short Story: Beer on Sunday by Nick Mamatas 02:30

Poetry: Primetime Apocalypse by Dennis M Lane 17:00

Fact: Zombies -nThe Spanish Digital Invasion Mark Deniz 20:20

Main Fiction: Innocent by Gene Wolfe 38:40

Narrators: Ray Sizemore, Scott Couchman

Slices of Flesh


  1. I very much enjoyed “Beer on Sunday” by Nick Mamatas. It reminded me of “The Twilight Zone”, but more disturbed, or “The Outer Limts”, but punchier, or “The Untouchables”, but more godly, or something else that is no longer on the airwaves, but should be. I also liked Dennis M. Lane’s “Primetime Apocalypse”, and now I know what they do on ham radio — they read poetry. All in all, a fine week that will get more listens, both for the authors and the narrators.

  2. Great googly-moogly, this was a fun listen!

    I didn’t care much for “Beer on Sunday”; it was well written, but struck me more as a list of descriptions than an actual story.

    Wolfe’s “Innocent” was pure gold, both in the story and the narration. In fact, I think the narration lent itself quite nicely to the story, and the slow, not quite plodding tenor gave the story an eeriely realistic atmosphere.

    Great job!

  3. Oh my I’m going to have nightmares after listening to Innocent. And that on top of last week’s “Green Apples”. Seriously questioning the wisdom in listening to Tales To Terrify and yet I can’t wait until the next episode. Great work!

  4. The main thought I had after listening to this episode was “Damn, I really must pick up that fat Gene Wolfe ‘Best of’ I’ve seen in the libraries”. I’ve heard a couple of his pieces on podcasts and every one’s been flawless. The dramatisation of ‘The Tree Is My Hat’ as heard on Starship Sofa was marvellous as was ‘The Vampire’s Kiss’ so a big thank you to Larry for both of these as well as for presenting us with ‘Innocent’. You’re doing sterling work on Gene’s behalf. I agree with what Sandra says about the narration of ‘Innocent’ – it was pitch perfect. (Incidentally, I thought Larry’s own narration of ‘The Vampire’s Kiss’ was great too. I wouldn’t have thought an American would be able to truly lay claim to the voice of ‘that’ character, and I’m a Londoner myself so have a heightened ear for that dialect, but I couldn’t imagine a finer piece of voice acting in the role.)

    ‘Beer On Sunday’ was an equally nasty piece – nasty being used as a compliment here. This week’s episode was certainly rough on little girls, poor souls. I enjoyed too the article on the ‘Rec’ films, which I have not seen, although perhaps a little too much of the plot was detailed than was necessary for the purpose of analysis. Still, my appetite was whetted. I’d not previously thought of these ‘Found Footage’ films as being of a genre to itself and it was interesting to have them suggested as such. A few months ago I watched an Asian Horror film called ‘Noroi: The Curse’ which is something of a Japanese ‘Blair Witch Project’ and I’d recommend it as an example of the type worthy of a watch.

  5. Aloha Terror Tribe!
    Creepy. Very creepy. Darned good show.
    Okay, one thing… sorry to say this but I think Mark Deniz had a cold or something and his voice was a teeny tiny bit hard to listen to after a while. Mark, love your insights, but, maybe it was the mic? I dunno. Sorry. You’re doing a great job.
    Show’s great. Creepy as all heck.

  6. Aloha Terror Tribe!
    Larry, one more thought; I’m a fan of “Tiki Culture” and exotic cocktails, so… my favorite line from “Beer on Sunday” by Nick Mamatas, was this;

    (they’re in the bar & it starts raining frogs): “We scram for the back room… with our cocktails.”

    Very funny, Nick. Good story!

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