Tales to Terrify Show No 104 – Lights Out, Peter Crowther

January 3, 2014 by Drew S

Coming up:

Good evening  0:00:40

Thank you for contributing to David Bradshaw’s Kickstarter:  0:02:02

A new Cher is needed:  0:02:48

Thank you, Erik Gustafson:  0:05:48

“Lights Out” with Sylvia Shults, this week with David Youngquist  0:08:14

Fiction:  “Songs of Leaving” by Peter Crowther, narrated by Stephen Kilpatrick  0:53:32 (end music, Earl King, “Let the Good Times Roll”)

Please vote Tales to Terrify as “Podcast of the Year” in the “This Is Horror” Awards:  1:37:44

Pleasant dreams:  1:38:30


Pertinent URLs

Want to be co-editor, send your bona fides to talestoterrify@gmail.com

Sylvia Shults: http://www.sylviashults.com/sylvia/

David Youngquist: http://darkcontinents.wordpress.com/tag/david-youngquist/

Peter Crowther: http://www.petercrowther.com

Stephen Kilpatrick: http://www.stevenski.com

“This Is Horror” Awards: http://www.thisishorror.co.uk/awards/


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