Tales to Terrify No 107 (108 and 109) Scott Nicholson

February 7, 2014 by Drew S

Tales to Terrify, Show 107 (108 and 109), Nicholson, Tour of the Abattoir, New Art and Ten Terrifying Minutes

Coming up:

Good evening  0:00:40

New Art, “Cold Comfort” by Jason Wren  0:02:07

A Tour of the Abattoir with Mike Allen  0:03:58

…and a something of a rebuttal  0:20:44

Fiction:  “You’ll Never Walk Alone” by Scott Nicholson, narrated by Antoinette Bergin  0:23:47

Ten Terrifying Minutes  0:49:16

Pleasant dreams  0:59:08


This week’s pertinent URLs:

Jason Wren:  www.idea-design.fi

Mike Allen:  descentintolight.com

Scott Nicholson: http://www.hauntedcomputer.com

Antoinette Bergin:  @Netti_Bergin

Jesse Livingston:  Athousandlifetimes.com


  1. What a fine “Tour”, Mike Allen! I’ve only dabbled in Black Sabbath, so this detailed, horror-emphasizing discography was especially useful. I have been enjoying playing through tracks I haven’t really listened to before.

    Larry, what a vile and hilarious rejoinder. To explore the metal world, may I recommend the Map of Metal site, http://mapofmetal.com/#/home ? It offers a nice visualization of the field’s surprising breadth and history. (If it helps, my own musical background is pretty eclectic, including classical and punk)

    “You’ll Never Walk Alone”: this time I agree whole-heartedly with Larry. My zombie tale expectations are usually pretty low, but Scott Nicholson took us in powerful directions: the App. background well realized, the protagonist richly, sadly vivid; the concluding catastrophe utterly affecting. Antoinette Bergin did a grand job.

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